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Besides standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including JSON and AJAX), platformOS uses a couple of languages that you need to be familiar with to build a site on our platform:


A human-friendly data serialization standard used in platformOS for setting properties in configuration files. To learn more, visit the Official YAML Documentation.


A template language used in platformOS to build dynamic pages, and to provide dynamic configuration (e.g. based on currently logged in user). Use Liquid to provide authorization policy for forms and pages, or to specify notifications (email, SMS, API call). If you are not familiar with Liquid, a good starting point to learn is their Official Liquid Documentation. We have added a lot of filters and tags to make your life easier.


A query language used to communicate with our data storages. To learn more, check out the Official GraphQL Documentation.

Check out platformOS code examples for GraphQL terms in our GraphQL Glossary.


An asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime we used to support a small footprint deployment process. Visit the Official Node.js Documentation to learn more.

[TO BE ADDED: diagram: technologies and where they are used in platformOS]


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have. Check out our Help page, or contact us.