Adding a Blog Post

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This guide will help you add a post to your blog.

This guide is part of a series that walks you through the process of building a blog on platformOS. You can find previous and next parts of the series in the Requirements and Next steps sections.


So that you can follow the steps in this tutorial, you should have set up a blog on your platformOS site.


Adding a blog post is a two-step process:

  1. Go to post creation form
  2. Fill in form fields

Step 1: Go to post creation form

Go to the post creation form at [your-Instance-URL]/dashboard/posts/new.

Step 2: Fill in form fields

Fill in the form fields. See the table below.

Field name Explanation Example value
Title The title of your blog post The platformOS Blog Module
Publish at Here you can set a later publishing date for your blog post. The format of the date should be: mm/dd/yyyy 05/10/2018
Publish now Set the button to enabled to publish your blog post when you submit the form [enabled]
Text editor A WYSIWYG text editor to edit the body of your blog post Websites live (and die) by the ability to be found by Search Engines
Excerpt Short description of the blog post that is displayed on the blog listing page An overview of the platformOS Blog Module
Tags Tags for the blog post that help readers find related content blog, platform-os, features
Hero image The "cover" image of your blog post that is displayed on the blog listing page and on the page of the blog post as specified in the blog layout. Accepted image formats: jpeg, png, gif [image file]
Author name Name of the blog post's author Adam Broadway
Author biography Short description of the author CEO and Founder of platformOS (formerly
Image Author photo. Accepted image formats: jpeg, png, gif [image file]

Click the Submit button. If you selected Publish now, the blog post is displayed on your blog.


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have. Check out our Help page, or contact us.