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Transactable is a core concept in platformOS that represents a resource around which any transaction is made.

Transactables are defined in yml files. Each Transactable has a name and a description attribute by default.

Examples of Transactables

Transactables should be used to represent for example:

  • Product: If you want to build a marketplace matching people who want to sell or rent something with the ones who want to borrow or buy it, then the product is a Transactable.
  • Service: If you want to build a marketplace matching people who provide services with those who want to hire them, the services are Transactables. Technically speaking, the system does not really allow to hire people per se (Users or UserProfiles) – you’ll always need a Transactable object, even if it's invisible from the UI level.
  • Project: If you want to build a marketplace for users with a particular idea or task, who would like to get offers from experts, and then choose one expert, then they have to describe the task/job/project they want to have completed. This task/job/project is a Transactable.

Transactables directory

Transactables are defined in the marketplace_builder/transactable_types directory.

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