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A User is an account that any of your users can have. Each user is assumed to have a unique email address.

User Profiles are roles in the marketplace. Each User Profile can be associated with any number of Properties, Categories, and Custom Model Types.

The default User Profile

All users are assigned a User Profile named Default. If you don't want to distinguish one type of user from the other, you don't need to create any other user profiles.

Sharing attributes across multiple profiles

If your multiple profiles happen to have the same Properties, you can extract them to a container profile which will group them and could be used in different profiles.


A company has a lot of employees, but all of them have the same attributes like name, email, emergency contact, so it would be a good idea to make a default profile for employee, and then use more specific ones for specific roles in the company.

Employee: name, email, emergency_contact
  - Software Developer: programming_languages
  - Project Manager: projects

Sign up forms

Sign up forms allow users to sign up by entering their information in a form embedded in a page.

All forms should be located in the marketplace_builder/form_configurations directory.

User authentication

There are a couple of ways to authenticate a user in platformOS, the most common being through an email and password pair, which the user provided via a sign up form.

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